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Product Overview

The UNIMIG 500 SWF is an inverter based MIG welding machine with added MMA function. This is an industrial machine equiped with a separate 4 wheel gear driven wire feeder and 10m interconnecting cables. The MIG function allows you to weld with solid and Flux CoredGasless wires. Adjustment of Voltage and Wire Feed at the wire feeder make for easy setting of welding parameters and give the convenience of remote adjustment from the power source.

Crater Current setting delivers perfect finishing of the weld, the electronic inductance offers fine adjustment of the arc characteristic and burn back adjustment leaves the wire stick out ready for the next weld. Wire inch and Gas Check provides set up of wire feed and gas setting without any waste of wire or gas.

Added MMA welding capability delivers easy and high quality welding using electrodes, including cast Iron, stainless steel and low hydrogen.

Ideal for heavy and structual welding applications, general engineers, maintainance workshop and rural workshops.

Designed and built to our specification.

Certified to - AS/NZ60974.1

Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
MIG/MAG Function
MMA (Stick electrode) (DC+ / DC-) function
Stepless Voltage and Wire Feed Controls at Wire Feeder
Variable Inductance and Burn Back Controls
Adjustable Crater Current Control
Gas Purge / Wire Inch
2T/4T Trigger Function (MIG Only)
Separate Wire Feeder with geared 4 wheel roller drive
LED Volt/AMP Meter Digital Display
DC TIG welding with scratch start
10m Interconnecting Cables
Trolley with pull out tool storage


(No reviews yet) Write a Review