Weldskill 180 Tradepack - Cigweld

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NEW! The WeldSkill 180 is a single phase welding inverter with a user-friendly control panel, practical push button operation for mode selection, clearly visible LED indicators and sturdy large control knob. TradePack includes: Carry Bag, WeldSkill Helmet (Blue), WeldSkill Gloves, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush, 1Kg GP Electrodes

Affordable, compact and light-weight, this unit is a great addition to the shed ensuring the ultimate portability for the Home Handyman, Tradesman, Farmer or Maintenance Worker.

In addition to its appealing design and functional features, the WeldSkill 180 provides the added reassurance of a high quality welding inverter that complies to Australian Standards.

Simply plug it into any standard 15 Amp power point and get welding right away!

- WeldSkill 180 Inverter Power Source
- 4m Lead with Twistlock Electrode Holder
- 4m Lead with Work Clamp
- 1kg General Purpose Electrode Pack
- Heavy Duty Leather Gloves
- Auto Darkening Blue Cigweld Aus Standards Approved Helmet
- Chipping Hammer
- Shoulder Strap
- Toolbox
- Operating Manual

- IGBT Inverter Technology
- Incredibly Stable Arc Characteristis
- Lift Arc TIG Start
- Twist lock electrode holder
- 3 Year Warranty
- Rugged case with carry handle and carry strap
- 4m long electrode holder and work leads
- Push button weld mode selection switch with LED indicators

Warranty Information

Three year warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review